May Specials

We have two specials this month.

A FREE gift will accompany each gift certificate purchase for Mother’s Day.

30-Minute Sessions – Free bar of our organic soap
One-Hour Session – Free small candle
90-Minute Session – Free large candle

This special expires May 12, 2013.

The second special is for the entire month of May, however it is while supplies last.

We have a choice for you of a FREE potted Geranium or a FREE Bath Salt with your appointment of 90-minutes or longer.

Care for Caregivers

Nurses endure a great deal of physical stress. Their body mechanics are frequently compromised. For example, excessive forward head posture as they treat patients who are lying in a bed. A recent study found that 60 percent of musculoskeletal injuries among nursing students involved low-back pain.

Massage therapy is highly valuable in reducing the chronic stress that nurses experience. If you are, or you know a nurse, suggest that they let go of the caregiver role once in a while, and enjoy being cared for.

Candle Sale!

These are the best candles that I have ever burned. They are non GMO vegetable oil base, with a wooden wick. The aroma choices are fantastic.

Approximate burn time: Large 100 hours, Small 40 hours

On sale now for: Large, 2 for $24 (regularly $15 each)
Small, 2 for $12 (regularly $8 each)

Mother’s Day is next month. These candles are a great gift!

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are ofter the result of forward head posture and associated hypertonicity in the splenius capitis, splenius cervicis, and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

Splenius Capitis forms a muscular “v” on the posterior neck. It centers the head front to back over the shoulder girdle. It also helps to center the head from side to side, as well as acting as a primary mover for extension, lateral flexion, and rotation of the head and neck.

If you suffer from headaches, massage therapy may offer you relief by focusing on this muscle. If you have any questions you may reach us at 610-287-0788.

Keying into Shoulder Pain

If you spend a lot of time at a computer or texting on your phone, you are likely to be holding you shoulder, back and neck muscles in a prolonged period of isometric contraction. This can cause trigger points throughout the upper back and arm. Trigger point referral patterns can then cause pain in other areas, which produces tension in these other muscles. This cycle of tension and trigger points can become a chronic and painful problem.

Reducing muscle tension is key in treatment of this development. Let us show you how massage therapy can play a vital role in achieving this goal.