How to Introduce a Friend to Massage

Sharing the Benefits of Bodywork

When we experience something good, it’s natural to want to tell everyone about it. Massage is no exception. Here are some ways to share your enthusiasm for massage therapy.

Gifting Massage Gift certificates are a great way to share massages with the people in your life. Looking for the perfect birthday present? Purchase an hour gift certificate for them. Thanking someone for pet sitting? Reward them with a half-hour reflexology treatment. If it’s your spouse or significant other that you’re hoping to get interested in this healing therapy, perhaps a couple’s massage, where two people receive massage in the same room, could be an anniversary gift.

Giving someone a gift certificate allows the recipient to experience massage without financially committing to something that they might not be sure about. After the initial visit, it is up to them to evaluate whether the experience makes them want to pay for another one.

Outline the Benefits. Most people are aware that massage is effective at relieving stress and promoting relaxation, but there are myriad benefits you can highlight depending on your audience. For those who suffer from low-back pain, a study by the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle has shown that massage is more effective than medication at reducing pain. Perhaps a sport massage, something that might appeal to your golfing buddy who needs to loosen up his swing and increase his range of motion.

Referral Program We appreciate your trust in us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the many benefits of massage therapy with your friends and family. We will extend a $5 discount to you as a thank you.

Referral Program

When a new client writes your name on the “referred by” line of our intake form, you can expect to receive a certificate in the mail for a $5 savings at your next appointment. We are thankful to be able to assist you, our friends, family and associates with your massage therapy needs.

Every new client will also receive a certificate for $5 at their first appointment. This savings can be used at their next appointment of one-hour, or longer.

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Not happy with your body?

Do you think that you need to loose a few pounds, or tone your body before your schedule your massage?

Some people have a hard time even considering massage because they are so unhappy with their body. Poor body image can be extremely damaging. While it’s hard to imagine that taking your clothes off and lying on a massage table will make the situation any better, massage therapy can do wonders to bring an individual back into body awareness. Bodywork can help mend the body-mind chasm that is created through self-hate, bringing the two pieces back together in a peaceful, healthy union.

Massage therapists and bodyworkers not only have advanced knowledge of tissues and structure, they also have a great appreciation for the human body as a whole, no matter its shape or size.

AromaTherapy and Massage

How does AromaTherapy work?

The scientific explanation suggests that the essential oil’s molecules, when inhaled, lock onto receptor cells at the back of the nose, sending an electrochemical message to the brain’s limbic system. This message appears to trigger memory and emotional responses, causing messages to be sent to other parts of the brain and body. “In this way,” says aromatherapist Danila Mansfield, “the production of euphoric, relaxing, sedative, or stimulating neurochemicals is stimulated.”

Judith Fitzsimmons and Paula Bousquet, authors of Aromatherapy Through the Seasons, say the use of essential oils creates a multifaceted effect: “The real beauty of aromatherapy is that it works on a cellular and physical level and also in the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic areas of your life.”

Incorporating AromaTherapy with your massage therapy session can assist you in reaching a deeper level of relaxation. Tell your therapist if you would like to try AromaTherapy at your next appointment.