Alzheimer’s and Stress

A new study by researchers at Temple University indicates that stress could be a key trigger of the mechanism for the late onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

The chemical hormone corticosteroid, which the body releases into the bloodstream in response to stress, has been shown to be two to three times higher in Alzheimer’s patients than in those without the disease.

Incorporate regular massage therapy into your routine to help manage your stress levels.

Stress Killer, Massage Healer

One way in which frequent massage can improve our quality of life is by alleviating stress. Experts say most disease is stress-related, and nothing ages us faster–inside or out–than the effects of stress. As stress-related diseases continue to claim more lives every year, the increasingly deadly role stress plays in modern-day life is painfully clear.

Massage is a great way to take charge and reverse the situation. Mary Beth Braun and Stephanie Simonson, authors of Introduction to Massage Therapy (Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2007), explain the benefits of massage therapy in the simplest of terms: “Healing input influences healing output.” They note that frequent massage can reduce the accumulation of stress and improve overall health. “The benefits of massage are cumulative,” they write.